How To Be Those People (Episode 2)

How To Be Those People

Writing a blog…take two.

About Myself

I will not tell you who I am because I don’t think that is important. To be honest with you, I don’t like the attention the internet gives a person. Which makes no sense in my case, because I am writing this blog and I need the attention. I’ll probably come up with an alias later on to go by, so I don’t have to use my real name.

How I became the person I am today.

In the beginning stages of my life, I was the type that would only try something if I felt like I couldn’t do it, or if it was challenging. Once I became good at whatever it was, I would stop, and move on to something else. I was young, I had no drive, and definitely no goal in life. I literally made enough money to party.

As I got older, I started to feel the slap in the face that the world was giving. Being young and dumb didn’t pay the bills. So, I put a lot of focus on working to make a living. I ended up falling into that phase of working constantly. Working to make money so I can do the things I enjoyed, but I worked so damn much that I never had time to enjoy it. It got to a point where I was just working to work.

–I just thought of something. If you’re reading this and my grammar is bothering you, you should send me an email with corrections. I’ll post that shit hahahaha.

The way I describe my life is similar to striking an old lighter. It took a few strikes, but the flame eventually lit.

The first strike of my life happened when I got home from work one day. At the time, I worked nights, and would get home at around one or two in the morning. To unwind, I would watch TV and have a beer or two or three or four or five (you get the point, get smashed).

–That makes me sound like an alcoholic. For the record, I am not an alcoholic, I am anti-sober.

       –Hey, that could be t-shirt!

        –What do these kids do nowadays #antisober

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I remember one morning, at 2 a.m. my roommate woke up as I was “unwinding”. Keep in mind, he didn’t work until 6 in the morning. I asked, “what are you doing up this early?”, “I don’t know, I am going in to work early”, he replied. I said, “If that was me I would be sleeping until I have to wake up”. He responded “I don’t mind going to work”.

THAT WAS IT! I realized what I was doing was not what I wanted to do. I wanted that feeling of waking up and wanting to go to work.

–I need to work on explaining a conversation in text. Sounds like a kindergartener wrote that.

This got me thinking, I have been told by the people I work with that there is something about me that people are drawn to, and that I have the influence to get people to want to work with me. But even with that realization, the “me” kicked in and I didn’t do shit about it.

I ended with that sentence and I my spouse came home and we went out to eat…damn that was amazing (the food).

At this time, I still had no goal or idea of what I wanted to do in life, but, I knew something needed to change. I still couldn’t figure out what what I wanted to do in life. I had passions, but they weren’t worth the effort to take the leap and risk everything–or at least in my mind’s mind they weren’t.

What I ended up doing was looking at the people around me to see what they did to find their purpose. The one person I thought of was my father. He worked hard and made sure that he did everything he could do to take care of his family.

After taking a look at his life, I was trying to pin-point what he did it, and how he became the man that I had always admired. I decided to take on the path he took and follow his footsteps—I was determined to make it. After a few months of getting all my stuff in order, I was given the chance to change my life. This opportunity gave me the platform to see what I can do, as well as see how far I can progress. So far, I have climbed up the ladder at quick pace. I work hard and the people above me recognize it.

–I agree, that did not make sense…just know, I made a career change.

And finally, the flame ignited the day my spouse and I were driving around…read Episode 1 for that story. These experiences in my life led me to this goal. The goal of finding a way to be those people. I don’t mind working for the man/woman, but if I could do something to work for myself, and my family—I might as well try, right?

As stated in my first post, I want to live life. My family has so much potential, we work hard and don’t complain. I want to do something that will change the way we live, think, and approach challenges. I feel that we deserve better. I will make my duty to change that, and make a better life for my family.

–Ha, I said “Duty”

–By the way, I wrote this while I had a half a bottle of whiskey spill…in my mouth.

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That concludes the “About Myself” post, I promise I am cooler in person.

–No you’re not!

            –Shut up, they don’t know that.

Until the next post, Peace!

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