How To Be Those People (Episode 3)

Writing a blog…take three.

Today marks day one, of my attempt to be those people. In this post, I will be giving you an idea of my current status, before I begin “making moves”. I am starting this attempt with very little money allocated. I think the money I have, will cover the website for the blog I set up for these posts, and some costs associated with the plan.

–By the way, I haven’t even reserved a domain name for this blog, my procrastinating a$$ will probably end up getting something random that has nothing to do with this series, like dumba$$.com or something along those lines.

Let’s start with what has been done

I have been researching marketing methods that will not hurt my pockets–as far as cost.

–These pockets don’t roll deep.

What I found was a way to use social media to help get the word out for our plan. What this means is….I am screwed. I have to be honest, my social media interactions suck. I have no clue what I am doing online.

My social media presence is similar to me as a person. Your first impression of me is that guy looks like a jerk, or he looks mean. If you just friend me, you find that I am a pretty good person.

–Please stay with me, I get off topic often. My brain is weird in the way it works.

Because of social media, we are able read posts about things, and create relationships with people around the world. On a side note, I realized that Facebook ninjas their way into our lives, they insert the sh*t that they want you to see. I’ll have to talk to my friend Mark to see what he can do to help me.

I have no experience with how that sh*t works. So today, my first task is to figure it out.

Moving on

I spoke with my business partner yesterday, and much like our normal conversations, we ended up with a bunch of ideas with no set goal. My business partner is my best friend (awwww).

–That’s not saying much, because I have like 3 friends.

You might be thinking, that is a bad move, what if this fails, it might hurt your friendship, you’ll be down to two friends, what are you going to eat tomorrow?

–That was a lot of commas hahaha. By the way I am against “lol”, I want you to know that I am laughing. That’s like if someone tells you a joke and you say “that’s funny”—without laughing.

Back to what I was saying

We both work hard at whatever we do, and whatever it is, it will be done to the best of our ability. Even if this fails, we have been through a lot of sh*t, and always came out together.

–You get the point, we cool.

Just from the hour or so conversation, we were able to take something so simple and link it to something that could blow up.

–Or at least in our minds it would.

Our idea is to tackle the online ******* industry (I’ll reveal later).

–At first, I had four * marks. I looked at it, and it looked like I was implying the Porn industry hahahaha. Nothing against that industry, but I don’t have the looks or the energy.

I know what you are thinking, there are a lot of websites with that information and blah blah blah.

–Wait…you don’t know what the industry is. Just know you would be saying that to yourself.

That is the challenge. What are we offering that sets us apart from those websites.

Going back to how my business partner and I are in our lives. We work hard at everything we do. We work hard because we care about what we do, we care about our families, and we care about people.

Just that idea of genuinely caring, helped us come up with something we could offer that is different. I know, there is probably a website that is, or will be offering something similar. But, the difference is, those people that run those websites/businesses, are not us. I guarantee, whether we succeed or fail, we are going to make an impact. 

–The word guarantee means; guarantee you won’t spell it correctly the first time. The red squiggly lines below the words when you mistype are saying, “no no no…come back and try again f#*ker”.

I have some things to take care right now, but my business partner and I…

–Let’s call him Steve, Steve sounds like a good, trusting business partner.

will be putting ideas down on paper later today. I will update you on how that went on the next post.

I am planning on setting up an email, just so you have a way to contact me. Honestly, I don’t need feedback for this, I am not trying to become a writer or whatever. I just want to hear what you have to say about your experience, or what you are doing “To Be Those People”. I might mention your name if I read something that I find interesting or funny. So, if you do not want me to mention your name; on the subject line, write “Don’t mention my name” and I will respect your privacy.

I say that as if I have people reading this hahahaha.

If you want to follow along (I am sure by the time I get this posted I figured out how to send notifications to you), please friend me on Facebook or Instagram, or whatever I end up signing up for.

–Just thinking of that, I’ll probably be obsessed and constantly check my friend requests, then realize that I am being a f#*kin dumba$$ and not care hahahaha. By the way, writing this “blog” thing is feeling weird.  Only because I haven’t done sh*t to start posting these things hahaha. It’s just a Microsoft Word document (not sponsored my Microsoft, but I am accepting sponsorships, Bill!). I know you’re probably thinking;

Can I have those 10 minutes of my life back! This made no f#*kin sense!

Well, I agree.

Thank you for your time. Peace!

How To Be Those People (Episode 2)

Writing a blog…take two.

About Myself

I will not tell you who I am because I don’t think that is important. To be honest with you, I don’t like the attention the internet gives a person. Which makes no sense in my case, because I am writing this blog and I need the attention. I’ll probably come up with an alias later on to go by, so I don’t have to use my real name.

How I became the person I am today.

In the beginning stages of my life, I was the type that would only try something if I felt like I couldn’t do it, or if it was challenging. Once I became good at whatever it was, I would stop, and move on to something else. I was young, I had no drive, and definitely no goal in life. I literally made enough money to party.

As I got older, I started to feel the slap in the face that the world was giving. Being young and dumb didn’t pay the bills. So, I put a lot of focus on working to make a living. I ended up falling into that phase of working constantly. Working to make money so I can do the things I enjoyed, but I worked so damn much that I never had time to enjoy it. It got to a point where I was just working to work.

–I just thought of something. If you’re reading this and my grammar is bothering you, you should send me an email with corrections. I’ll post that shit hahahaha.

The way I describe my life is similar to striking an old lighter. It took a few strikes, but the flame eventually lit.

The first strike of my life happened when I got home from work one day. At the time, I worked nights, and would get home at around one or two in the morning. To unwind, I would watch TV and have a beer or two or three or four or five (you get the point, get smashed).

–That makes me sound like an alcoholic. For the record, I am not an alcoholic, I am anti-sober.

       –Hey, that could be t-shirt!

        –What do these kids do nowadays #antisober

keyword organizer software box and text - How To Be Those People (Episode 2)

I remember one morning, at 2 a.m. my roommate woke up as I was “unwinding”. Keep in mind, he didn’t work until 6 in the morning. I asked, “what are you doing up this early?”, “I don’t know, I am going in to work early”, he replied. I said, “If that was me I would be sleeping until I have to wake up”. He responded “I don’t mind going to work”.

THAT WAS IT! I realized what I was doing was not what I wanted to do. I wanted that feeling of waking up and wanting to go to work.

–I need to work on explaining a conversation in text. Sounds like a kindergartener wrote that.

This got me thinking, I have been told by the people I work with that there is something about me that people are drawn to, and that I have the influence to get people to want to work with me. But even with that realization, the “me” kicked in and I didn’t do shit about it.

I ended with that sentence and I my spouse came home and we went out to eat…damn that was amazing (the food).

At this time, I still had no goal or idea of what I wanted to do in life, but, I knew something needed to change. I still couldn’t figure out what what I wanted to do in life. I had passions, but they weren’t worth the effort to take the leap and risk everything–or at least in my mind’s mind they weren’t.

What I ended up doing was looking at the people around me to see what they did to find their purpose. The one person I thought of was my father. He worked hard and made sure that he did everything he could do to take care of his family.

After taking a look at his life, I was trying to pin-point what he did it, and how he became the man that I had always admired. I decided to take on the path he took and follow his footsteps—I was determined to make it. After a few months of getting all my stuff in order, I was given the chance to change my life. This opportunity gave me the platform to see what I can do, as well as see how far I can progress. So far, I have climbed up the ladder at quick pace. I work hard and the people above me recognize it.

–I agree, that did not make sense…just know, I made a career change.

And finally, the flame ignited the day my spouse and I were driving around…read Episode 1 for that story. These experiences in my life led me to this goal. The goal of finding a way to be those people. I don’t mind working for the man/woman, but if I could do something to work for myself, and my family—I might as well try, right?

As stated in my first post, I want to live life. My family has so much potential, we work hard and don’t complain. I want to do something that will change the way we live, think, and approach challenges. I feel that we deserve better. I will make my duty to change that, and make a better life for my family.

–Ha, I said “Duty”

–By the way, I wrote this while I had a half a bottle of whiskey spill…in my mouth.

If you want to follow along, please click the icon that sends you updates or follows me on social media. I haven’t set that sh*t up yet, but something will be here. If you have a story to tell and want it featured “here”, send me an email. I am not sure if I’ll have a following, but at least you’ll gain me!

That concludes the “About Myself” post, I promise I am cooler in person.

–No you’re not!

            –Shut up, they don’t know that.

Until the next post, Peace!

How To Be Those People (Episode 1)

Writing a blog…take one.

If you are reading this, what I set out to do is either in motion, in place, or I failed. Before you start to critique my writing, cringe at my grammar, or laugh at my punctuations; just know, I don’t care. I am not doing this to eventually be a writer, or whatever. I respect those that do this as a hobby or a living, so I don’t want to consider myself to be one.

What made me start this blog is that I hear success stories from those that have been successful. What I rarely hear or read are the stories as they happen—whether it be, success or failure. This blog will tell the story of whether I succeed or fail in the goal I have set. To make this interesting, this blog will be written in real-time, and posted at a later date. You will have to stay tuned to find out what happens. As I am writing this, I have no idea what’s going to happen. So, in a way, we are all clueless and at the edge of our seats.

–That last line was lame

The plan is to write about two months of posts, and start posting them once or twice a month. I don’t want to write, just to write. You will eventually get bored, and I’ll bore the sh*t out of myself If I do so.

If you see the “–” symbol, that is going on in my head. I get off topic often.

Before I begin with this blog (or series or whatever this is), I want to explain the purpose of writing this, just so you know what you are reading.

–Oh, and by the way, I am writing this how I speak, and I curse a lot. If it offends you, I am sorry that I am not sorry. Just kidding (am I?).

My end goal is to live now, not when I am retired. I am not one to wait until I am broken and limited to what my mind and body can do.

–I just re-read that sentence to see if I ended in a preposition, and yes, I was doing that to piss someone off—but I failed, I didn’t end in a preposition. There you go, I just ended in a preposition. Who am I kidding? I have no idea what a preposition is—what does medical cream have to do with grammar?

  –Get that joke? Neither do I.

Prime - How To Be Those People (Episode 1)

I want to do something that helps me live life without the worry of money or time.

Just the other day, my spouse and I were driving around the area and we saw a bunch of nice houses. What surprised me was how we were reacting. We weren’t saying, “Wow, these houses are nice”. We were wondering, “what do these people do to afford these houses?”.

–I said “houses” way too much there.

I asked myself, what are we doing different than these people? We work harder than most, if not all of the people we work with, and we are driven to be the best at what we do. Like always, my spouse brought up a good point. We should feel fortunate because we are not struggling, so he/she killed the spark that I had to come up with the plan to be these people.


This situation is what brought me here to today, I want to be those people. I want you to pass by my house and ask yourself, “what does that family do for a living to have that lifestyle?”.

Also, I want to mention, I am not doing this to get rich or whatever. I am doing this so my family has stability and we could do things without worrying about time or money.

–You said that already…dumba$$.

         –Shut up…jerk.

I have always talked sh*t about what I am going to do, but I never follow through with my plan. So, the first step I decided to take is to start this blog, or at least write down what I am doing. This is my story of how I succeeded or failed. I will be documenting my attempt to be those people.

–I just thought of the title of this blog, “How to be those people”. If I somehow get this started and get that name as a website, people will call bullsh*t. I know I would.

–Writing this makes me feel weird because I am not even sure if I will actually do the work to get this blog going.

Now for the inspiration

I know that I am not the only one in the situation, so I hope that I inspire you to work toward a goal in life, without thinking of failure. You have the opportunity to follow my attempt at reaching my end goal…or witness me fail miserably.  Either way, sh*t is going to happen.

To give you an idea of my current situation, I do not have startup money or a huge savings in the bank. I am literally starting from scratch. I don’t have a website for this blog, who knows when I’ll post this.  I do not have experience in business, marketing, or social media. Basically, I should fail at this. But, what I do have is plan (I’ll explain later), as well as some other side things in mind. Hopefully this works out, so you, the reader, can witness and be inspired to do what I did.

Anyways, if you enjoyed reading my first post and the non-sense that goes on in my head, please stayed tuned. If you want to follow this blog, I will be posting on Facebook when these come out. I have no clue how to @ or #, or even what they do. I will figure that sh*t out and it will be posted here (wherever “here” is). Speaking of that, I should at least get a Facebook account for this blog. The end.

Thank you very much, for taking time out to read this post. Whether you root for me or not, let’s make this an experience for all of us.

–I just thought of something, I never introduced myself. Never mind, I’ll do that in the next post. Peace!